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The University of Tirana was founded in 1957 and had in its composition 6 faculties. In year 1991, from this university, at that time 11 faculties, the engineering faculties were severed, who established the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Tirana State University fills 52 year. We are so used to this name that we can say without fear that wherever we go, whenever we go back to our memory, we find it there., everywhere we are talking about the institution since 50 in recent years it bears the stamp of more than anyone for the education of political leaders, economy, the science of those who designed and built all the cells of our society wherever there has been and is prosperity. The first beginnings for the erection of this living monument of Albania began after the Second World War where several different educational institutions were established.. After a period of time 13 yearly these efforts were finalized in the year 1957. The institution called the State University of Tirana was established. The pedagogical institute was merged in this institution, polytechnic, economic, medical, law and institute of sciences. This institution was built as a need where the experience of not a few pedagogues who came from Western experience and education harmonized the growing needs of the country but of course the passion as well.. The nation was creating the institution of knowledge especially in conditions when the country needed more than ever to be built and developed in the first academic year 1957-58 the university had 3613 students of whom 3000 in the time system of. Students would graduate from 15 specialties according to the respective branches. The country needed specialists and the university expanded its branches, subjects, spaces, but also the ambition to go on its mission in the vanguard of the country's development.. There has been no area of ​​the economy where pedagogues and students have often had a decisive contribution to the design and implementation of hydropower roads and major works that had begun to be built.. in 1967 the university took its full form with the construction of its first campus giving this university greater dynamism. So after 22 years since its creation 1977 the number of students without dismissal reached us 8880 of which about half were girls it should be noted that in these first years they graduated 21368 students who were then engaged in the most difficult sectors of country life. There was no way the students who studied at some of the best universities of the time, such as in the former Soviet Union, could not influence the experience of the university., Hungari, France, Sweden, Germany etc..

University of Tirana since 1991 to 2007

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the traditional overflow of the University of Tirana stopped. The university became the hearth of a movement, which shocked and soon overthrew the entire political system in Albania.
Severe economic and social crisis, generally, unbearable for almost everyone, found the expression of opposition initially precisely in the students, which, on a large scale, they knew how to express and construct it better than anyone, not only did they understand the situation better, but also because, due to their composition, they felt more protected, but not even harmless. The party-state not only understood the sensitivity of this layer, but in some cases he had even seen it; therefore, in the early 1990s, it was previously advertised that student environments had been adjusted and would be even better.. This propaganda was followed some time later by some inaugurations of new buildings in the city "Student", built with state funds of some of the main districts of the country. But these inaugurations, although they somewhat eased housing conditions, did not affect the mood of the students at all, which was also evident from the silent follow-up, almost unnoticed by them. Even a package of further government measures for some other facilities, and: the right to travel with half tickets, better food, stock exchange growth etc., measures which failed to materialize, so they didn't even change the image, because very soon quite unexpected events took place for the time being.
By, however, these were just internal sensations. What bothered them, more precisely, shocked state and party structures were the lectures and seminars of the history of PPSh. In many cases these hours were turned by partial remarks into criticism and harsh attitudes towards wrong policies in the fight against religion., strict centralization, cooperative with tërërsor, isolation from the world etc..

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